A highly skilled thief with a technologically advanced suit that allows him to cling to nearly any surface and a pretty big ego
Money, adventure, having the upper hand, working alone, red heads
Losing, being rejected, getting caught, family gatherings

Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special

Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special published on No Comments on Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Wanted to do something a little different today so here are a bunch of Valentine’s cards. You can individually save each one to send to someone or download all at once. Wanted to give a special shout out to Games People Play who let me do a guest comic for them… Continue reading Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special

Issue 14 – Page 06

Issue 14 – Page 06 published on No Comments on Issue 14 – Page 06

Well they certainly seem familiar don’t they… Special Thanks to my Champion and Leader Tier Patreon Supporters Lance Riviere, Carlos Leon-Roman, and Daniel Perkey for helping to make this comic possible.