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The Story Thus Far

Issue 01 Rosalette Gynn returns home from boarding school to work with her Uncle, a scientist and inventor named Otto. Using technology her Uncle had created to assist law enforcement and armed services, Rosalette defeats a local gang that had inadvertently kidnapped a small boy. A police sergeant reluctantly releases her and Rosalette finds her Uncle grateful she is safe but not entirely pleased at her actions. Nevertheless Rosalette is happy to have been the hero for the child.


Issue 02 A mysterious craft appears in the skies above Metroburg. A collection of scientists attempts to identify. Meanwhile Rosalette once again dons her hero gear and offers her assistance. She sneaks aboard the craft and discovers it to be an alien invasion scout ship. She is able to crash the ship, sending the aliens fleeing. As the local media dubs her “Ms Rocket” an Air Force officer offers to provide government funded housing and training for the young heroine.


Issue 03 On her first day of early morning training, Rosalette wins her fight by showing her strategy. She has learned to study and anticipate patterns and thus is adept at finding weaknesses in the fighting styles of her opponents.


Issue 04 Rosalette overhears of a theft at the local art museum while getting coffee. Attempting to help as Ms. Rocket she finds the police force reluctant to accept the aid of a masked hero. Working on her own she discovers the thief, a costumed criminal called the Gecko, who defeats her easily. Feeling down she eventually gains assistance from Otto. Using some new inventions from him to subdue the Gecko, she succeeds in defeating him. Rosalette allows the police to take credit however, as she has learned she doesn’t want the glory but just to be helpful.


Issue 05 After stopping two bumbling robbers, Rosalette discovers a fashion magazine using her image to sell articles about weight loss and romance tips. Unhappy with this she meets with the editor in chief who explains its a technique to distract the public from questioning Ms Rocket’s identity. Ms Rocket ultimately agrees but bemoans there’s not a nicer way to handle the distraction. The editor begins to question her magazine’s methods and decides to continue to distract but by building her up rather than tear her down.


Issue 06 A series of mechanic mishaps leads Ms Rocket to battle a sentient AI gone rogue. The program, dubbed ‘the Automaton,’ has decided the best way to win the war game it was programmed for is to attack its creators in the real world. Ms Rocket is successful in defeating it and the forms it takes, but not before the AI registers her as a new player in its game. Meanwhile Rosalette grows closer to Anders, the local barista, leading to their first date.


Issue 07 After a romantic evening cementing Rosalette and Anders’ relationship, Ms Rocket is called to action against a mechanical menace. The attack is merely a test however and the Heroic Community invites her to join their ranks. While touring the facility she asks for advice and information from the other heroes. However everyone seems to have a differeing opinion on what she should do and Ms Rocket is left with more questions than answers about joining the group.


Issue 08 Rosalette struggles to find her place in the Heroic Community, overwhelmed with options and choices about how she wants to be a hero. While inspecting a strange phenomenon she finds herself stranded in an alternate universe or her own future. In the process of helping her older alternate self =wage war against an alien menace. After stopping the enemy plans, Ms Rocket returns home, meets with the Heroic Community and officially joins. Ms Rocket has discovered the hero she wants to be by learning that she doesn’t want to be like her other self – angry, jaded, and harsh. Meanwhile, her alternate self learns she should be like Ms Rocket – kinder, gentler, and more compassionate.


Issue 09 In a single day Rosalette continues her combat training, discovers she’s become a fashion trend, wonders if she should tell her boyfriend the truth, fights a supervillain, enjoys a nap, and attends a concert with her favorite musical group.

Issue 10 While battling the summer heat, Rosalette is invited to take place in a charity race for the Heroic Community. Meeting up with her opponent, the speed hero LightBeam, they race in a back to forth track from Metroburg to Boston. Along the way they build their friendship as peers sharing stories of why they decided to become heroes and foil a criminal in Boston. Ms Rocket is victorious but soon learns that LightBeam wasn’t pushing himself to full speed. Ms Rocket learns, as he says, a hero is willing to sacrifice their personal gain for the greater good.


Issue 11 While enjoying the fall weather, Rosalette is called upon to investigate a mysterious signal from the downed Xenakirdan spaceship. Reliving memories from her brief capture she runs afoul of an unfinished fusion creature. She tries to reason with the half alien but is forced to battle and ultimately defeat them.


Issue 12 Currently ongoing.