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Issue 09 – Page 01

Issue 09 – Page 01 published on No Comments on Issue 09 – Page 01

And we begin a new adventure, earlier than Rosalette would probably like.
One thing I’m working towards is making the world of Ms Rocket fit into that retro sci-fi ‘atompunk’ aesthetic I’ve always wanted. I think that final panel does a pretty good job but I’m going to keep pushing in that direction. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below if you like the direction.

Ms Rocket One Shot #4

Ms Rocket One Shot #4 published on No Comments on Ms Rocket One Shot #4

A little while ago the twitter account Superhero Saturday (@SuperheroSat) posed the question if our heroes had any body modifications. It got me thinking that Rosalette wanted to get her belly button pierced. Wasn’t sure how to work it into the comic and then I found the time to do a quick one shot.
So there. Its established canon now.

The new story line will start up on Monday. See you then!

Issue 08 – Page 57

Issue 08 – Page 57 published on No Comments on Issue 08 – Page 57

And on that somber note, another story has concluded. The comic is going to take a brief one week break while I sort through some behind the scenes stuff. I’ll try and post something but regular updates will resume on July 2.

I want to thank everyone for joining on the LONGEST storyline in Ms Rocket history (so far). I feel like it introduced some big concepts as well as was part of an important journey for both Rosalettes. As for the question of this being an alternate universe or the actual future, well telling would ruin the fun wouldn’t it? What do you think? Be sure to let me know if you think this is the actual future or just another reality.