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Issue 16 – Page 09

Issue 16 – Page 09 published on 5 Comments on Issue 16 – Page 09

Those dizzying powers seem to be messing with someone. But who is it?

Special Thanks to my Champion and Leader Tier Patreon Supporters Lance Riviere, Carlos Leon-Roman, and Daniel Perkey for helping to make this comic possible.

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Otto’s just not the type. He’d build a robot or something.

Now, her boyfriend, on the other hand… and he’s been chatting with Otto. He might be the “something” for Otto.

Now, I doubt it (probably a new character, as you said), but it’s at least plausible. Otto doing it… just plain doesn’t fit the character thus far. At all.

No, it’s the last name “Octavious” that triggers that, not the first name. Any name that starts with O could go with it.

“Otto” could also be used for several other types of gadget-based supers, as long as it could be related to cars somehow.

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