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Issue 14 – Page 27

Issue 14 – Page 27 published on 1 Comment on Issue 14 – Page 27

That missile doesn’t seem to have fazed him. He is a big boy after all.

Special Thanks to my Champion and Leader Tier Patreon Supporters Lance Riviere, Carlos Leon-Roman, and Daniel Perkey for helping to make this comic possible.

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1 Comment

Something I find is that hollywood, and their treatment of explosions, has really, REALLY screwed up the layman’s perception of how dangerous any specific size of explosion is. Like, a cherry bomb is enough to essentially turn a hand into a pile of chunky meat- a rocket like that could probably shatter and scatter the entire front end of a car. It’s not just the explosion or shrapnel that does the damage, but the concussive force- you can see this in all that footage of the Beirut explosion that’s going around. And this guy just tanked that like it was nothing. Didn’t even get knocked down, or have his fingers pushed out of place.

He’s tough.

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