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Issue 10 – Page 27

Issue 10 – Page 27 published on 9 Comments on Issue 10 – Page 27

And so we end another story line with an important lesson to be learned. Its always nice for a young hero to get a bit of advice. Look forward to a new story starting on Monday!

The Collective of Heroes got together for a holiday exchange. Bradley Potts, creator of Stalker, sent over this little team up piece. You can find all the others by checking out some of the other Collective of Heroes comics and even enter the special contest to win an Amazon giftcard.
Holiday Gift from Bradly Potts

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Called it.

And while I believe those were his real reasons (he doesn’t strike me as the devious type at all, and those are all good reasons), a more selfish and/or more more strategic thinking hero could simply want to keep their real capabilities hidden from the public.

It does renew the problem of those vine mines being fast enough to actually catch him….

…Some quick calculations later, and it seems that a speed of Mach 80 would have a shock cone with a 1.4° angle at the point (0.7° either side of the line that he traveled). The shock cone that we see in frame 3 is curved, which can only happen (as far as I know) if he’s accelerating, and some quick measurements and calculations suggest that he went from Mach 1.5 to Mach 8.2 (although the point of that cone is rather hard to measure, so that number could be way out)

…There’s a slight possibility that I tend to do maths for fun…

Ok, number 1) I am very impressed at the level of research and math done here. Number 2) That panel was done just to illustrate running at super sonic speeds. I’m going to defer to your calculations and say that that the cone is inaccurate to the speeds discussed and only a reflection of a lower less intense speed.
For real though, I am incredibly impressed a the work you’ve put in.

The other option is that that frame was when he started the Mach 80 run given that he was accelerating (as shown by the curved cone)

Once again, I’ll have to defer to you on that. Whatever doens’t break the comic is probably what’s happening ha ha. I’m clearly not a physicist, just a comic maker.

Well I am neither of those things, just some guy that thought the maths look cool.

If you ever want to draw an accurate shock cone though: make a right angled triangle, with one of the short sides 1 unit long, and the hypotenuse one unit per Mach (or in this case: 80 units long). If you lay the hypotenuse along the “flight path” the other short side will be the outside of the shock cone (don’t forget to mirror it for the other side).

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