A friendly, tall, handsome man who has won the heart of Rosalette.
Photography, coffee, taking walks, Rosalette…a lot
Rude people, seafood, being judged, the beach

Ms Rocket One Shot #4

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A little while ago the twitter account Superhero Saturday (@SuperheroSat) posed the question if our heroes had any body modifications. It got me thinking that Rosalette wanted to get her belly button pierced. Wasn’t sure how to work it into the comic and then I found the time to do a quick one shot. So… Continue reading Ms Rocket One Shot #4

Issue 09 – Page 20

Issue 09 – Page 20 published on No Comments on Issue 09 – Page 20

Oh Anders, you’re such a good boyfriend. I want to give a quick shout out to some background cameos. Descending the stairs is Mario from Grown-Up Pixels Definitely give him a look. Also that background poster seems to advertise a pretty cool singer don’t you think?

Issue 09 – Page 21

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The lead singer of “The Angels” is modeled after a real life musician, Alyssa Menes. She’s an incredibly talented woman and I highly HIGHLY recommend checking out her music here. I’d also like to thank her for letting me user her likeness in this comic.

Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special

Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special published on No Comments on Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Wanted to do something a little different today so here are a bunch of Valentine’s cards. You can individually save each one to send to someone or download all at once. Wanted to give a special shout out to Games People Play who let me do a guest comic for them… Continue reading Ms Rocket Valentine’s Special