2019 Holiday Special

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Wising everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Regular comics will resume Thursday. The Collective of Heroes did a Secret Santa art exchange.A huge thank you to Tony from Legendary Woodsman for the great picture. And if you want to see the drawing I did, check over with The Specialists Special Thanks to my Champion… Continue reading 2019 Holiday Special

Special Announcement: SLOOF Partnership

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Today there’s a special update for a special announcement, The Adventures of Ms Rocket is OFFICIALLY joining with SLOOF. It seems like SLOOF is everywhere online and so I’m beyond excited to join the giant SLOOF family. Please check out more info about the amazing SLOOF (and maybe check out their shop. Ms Rocket merchandise… Continue reading Special Announcement: SLOOF Partnership

Technical Difficulties Update

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Hello everyone. So, unfortunately my desktop had a little power supply problem. ‘Im currently working to get it fixed as quickly as possible. This does mean that updates will be delayed. The good news is I have a good selection of comics finished…they’re just not scheduled. As soon as i can get my computer up… Continue reading Technical Difficulties Update

Silhouette Art

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So yeah, sadly my computer is still being fixed. Hopefully regular updates will resume next week. Until then, I wanted to do a special update with a little unique take on Ms Rocket. Hopefully you all enjoy while I get things sorted behind the scenes. Although looking at it online makes it hard to tell,… Continue reading Silhouette Art

Fan Art Friday

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I wanted to do an extra little update this week, considering circumstances. Fortunately I know some awesome people who wanted to share some incredible fan art in celebration of Ms Rocket’s recent anniversary. Special thanks to Nite Stick, Shaney, Richard, and MaroonDrops Be sure to check out their comics too. Nite Stick Heroes of the… Continue reading Fan Art Friday

Halloween Special 2020

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Time once again for the annual Halloween special. Its funny what does and doesn’t scare someone isn’t it? Anders loves the ‘Killer Queen’ movies but poor Rosalette can’t get into them. Special Thanks to my Champion and Leader Tier Patreon Supporters Lance Riviere, Carlos Leon-Roman, and Daniel Perkey for helping to make this comic possible.

Holiday Special 2020

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The Collective of Heroes has an annual tradition of doing a ‘Secret Santa’ art exchange. This year, Ms Rocket takes a moment to enjoy some seasonal cocoa with Golden Girl of Masked. If you’re not reading this comic, I highly recommend it. It has a nice blend of action, drama, and humor along with a… Continue reading Holiday Special 2020

5th Anniversary Special

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Five years. I have a hard time believing its been five years since I started this humble comic. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has read, shared, commented, and generally enjoyed this comic. I hope you have enjoyed it and I look forward to bringing you more stories to come. And a special Thanks… Continue reading 5th Anniversary Special