Our heroine. An endlessly positive teenage girl with a strong desire to help those around her.
Video games, sports, espresso drinks with lots of sugar, the color maroon, flying
Rude people, negativity, early mornings, cockroaches, the feeling of letting others down

Halloween Special 2018

Halloween Special 2018 published on No Comments on Halloween Special 2018

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe and fun time. Rosalette’s foxy costume is actually inspired by AK Girl from Reynard City Chronicles. Star’s costume…well I hope you all recognize it… Its Inktober time again! As in years past I’ll be doing 31 ink drawings of monsters. This year though, I’m adding an extra theme “Femme… Continue reading Halloween Special 2018

Issue 11 – Page 03

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Being a hero isn’t always about the adventures. Sometimes, there’s work- work that distracts from boyfriends and coffee shops. Wanted to give a special note here, I’ve started making a series of speed drawing and opinion videos. You can find them on my YouTube channel. The latest one is here and if you like fun… Continue reading Issue 11 – Page 03


SPECIAL EVENT – WIP Live Stream published on 2 Comments on SPECIAL EVENT – WIP Live Stream

Hey everyone! So I’ve been wanting to do live streaming for a while now. I finally was able to get something set up so I wanted to have a special event. Today you can watch me work on an upcoming page of Ms Rocket. So be sure to check in throughout the day and see… Continue reading SPECIAL EVENT – WIP Live Stream

Issue 12 – Page 08

Issue 12 – Page 08 published on 2 Comments on Issue 12 – Page 08

I have to agree, it’s a pretty sharp looking suit. I have a bit of a special announcement. I’m planning something for the upcoming anniversary of Ms Rocket, a Q&A session. So if you’ve ever had a question about Ms Rocket, leave a comment below and I’ll try and answer everything soon!