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Issue 06 – Page 04

Issue 06 – Page 04 published on No Comments on Issue 06 – Page 04

Something a little special today. I’d be freaking excited too if I had one of those.

And to anyone wondering how the uniform could possibly be so perfectly moleculey transported onto her body without any potential damage or injury, its very simple-
Because comics.

Issue 05 – Page 07

Issue 05 – Page 07 published on No Comments on Issue 05 – Page 07

I suppose they both have points.

*Special Announcement.*
Some friends of mine have organized a live streaming fundraiser. It’s going down tomorrow and features a live 24 hour playthrough of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You should definitely check it out and donate to a good cause if you can. I’m also contributing some original Legend of Zelda artwork, so you may walk away with some of that.